We are happy to presentYves Saint-Laurent, l’Œuvre Intégral, 1962-2002, limited Edition of 500, each numbered, an exceptional opus revealing showing 1283 of the couturier’s creations.

Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent and Editions La Martinière have teamed up to gather Yves Saint Laurent haute couture designs achieved during 40 years and unveil this exceptional heritage to the public. The result is impressive: 26 kg, 4 large format boxes, 1 per each decade, 1283 boards, 80 collections, more than 1500 pieces of wardrobe revealed, the collections which created an event or the ones which made fuss… Information is impeccable, detailed and therefore complete. Each drawing and sketch board is precisely reproduced on a nice mat paper, has a fabric sample of each piece of cloth, quote the workshop that made it, the name of the model who wore it in the show, the order of appearance. The wardrobe is comprehensive from day wear to night sets, showing jackets as well as tuxedos or the wedding gowns.

A more technical book (both in english and french) with an introduction by Pierre Bergé goes along with the 4 boxes. It shows some beautiful pictures of Yves Saint Laurent at work. You can find there in addition to the program of the 80 catwalks the necessary tools for a complete utilizing of the boards : index, bibliography, biography, etc. Box-Format: 310x406x71mm.

This is an extraordinary and exceptional deal, for all the lovers of Yves Saint Laurent’s work and all the other ones admiring what one may now call a part of our common heritage.

From March 11th – August 29, 2010, Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent and le Petit Palais, musée national de la ville de Paris will present at Petit Palais their new related exhibition “Yves Saint Laurent” on the haute couture designs.

Yves Saint-Laurent, l’Œuvre Intégral, 1962-2002 is available now. Price on request. For foreign countries someone from our staff will contact you as soon as possible to give you a shipping fees estimate. Please contact us: Art Galerie Nolden/H – Paris – click here!