Pablo Picasso:“La Femme en Bleu / Femme Accoudée”, 1948, Offsetprint, edition of 1000, signed in print, based on drawing by the artist in 1921. Ref.: Wofsy, Alan. The Picasso Project, Picasso’s Paintings, Watercolors, Drawings and Sculpture, Neoclassicism 1920-1921, Original pastel listed and illustrated as catalogue raisonné no 21-293. Publisher: Les Editions du Livre, Paris, for “The Associated American Artists”, New York, Chicago, and Beverly Hills. Picture size: 24 x 17,5 in, total size: 26 x 20 in. Good condition. Price: EUR 1.200,- Order here!

Pablo Picasso:‘Tête de Jeune Homme’, 1948, Offsetprint, signed in print, edition of 1000, Publisher: Les Editions du Livre in France for the Associated American Artists with galleries in New York, Chicago, and Beverly Hills. Printed in France by La Photolitho L. Delaporte. An example of Picasso’s Neoclassical period, harkening back to the the classic modeling of the Greek sculptors. Image Size: 24 x 17,5 in, total size: 30 1/2 x 24 1/2 in. Good condition. Price: EUR 1.200,-Order here!