He Duoling: ‘The Crow is Beautiful’, 2012, Serigraph, size: 70 x 89.9 cm. Ask for more information.

About this Artwork

The girl in the picture shows the unique charm of youth, but death is around (the ominous symbol of a crow). He Duoling has this great talent for realism, underlined by a sad lyricism.

He Douling: The Crow is Beautiful, 1988

About the Artist

He Duoling, who was born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province China in May 1948, one of representatives of China contemporary lyrical realism oil painting artist. Currently lives and works in Chengdu, China. He Duoling studied oil painting at the Sechuan academy of fine art, and was a member of a group of young Sechuan artists that existed during the Cultural Revolution. He achieved notice in 1980 at the Young Art of Beijing exhibition. The work shows a clear influence of the American modern painter Andrew Wyeth in its composition and meticulous attention to detail. He Duoling is one of members of the Chinese Artists Association, as well as a first grade artists in Chengdu Academy of Oil Painting. He made his international debut in the French Spring Saloons exhibition at the Louvre Museum in Paris in 1982. Six years later, he held his first solo exhibition at the Fukuoka Art Museum in Fukuoka, Japan. Other selected solo exhibitions:”The Depth of Realism”(1988, Japan); “HE Duoling”(1994, China);”The House with Attic”(1999, China); “Sadnesses of Poet”(2006, China); “He Duoling 2007″(2007, China). Selected group exhibitions: “French Spring Salons”(1982, France); “The Sixth National Art Exhibitions”(1984, China);”1996 Shanghai Biennial Exhibitions”(1996, China); “Fantasy Artist”(2002, Italy); “4+1″(2004, Taipei); “Sceneries Within”(2006, Hongkong); “Famous Chinese Portraiture”(2007, China).

Literature: He Duoling, 何多苓, by NIU Junqing, 鈕俊卿, PUBLISHER: Sichuan Art Publishing Company, 四川美術出版社 (Chengdu, China), languge: English, Chinese

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