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What artwork can I sell ?

In order to maintain our promise of being a destination for authentic and original art, we only sell original artwork and limited edition prints by established artists, listed at the right price, and for which provenance and condition can be traced. All artwork must be signed – and in case of an edition, numbered.

We sell modern and contemporary art.

Image requirements

We will need a perfect, large size digital image of the artwork. We do not publish pictures with reflection, bad lighting, etc. Please see our PDF with tips on how to take good, clear photographs of your artwork. See attached PDF.

How do you determine the price of an artwork?

The price of a work of art is determined by Nolden/H Fine Art and the owner together, according to several criteria. It depends in what medium it was produced (oil, sculpture, print), its size, how well-known the artist is, their rating at the moment of the sale, the quality and the interest of the work in the context of the artist’s practice. We take pride in our ability to fairly and accurately price art. We encourage sellers to be realistic when setting their price.

Why selling on Nolden/H Fine Art?


The artwork remains in your hands until it sells and will be shipped once the buyer has paid 100% of the purchase price.

FREE Listing

It’s entirely free to list an artwork for sale.


You can post artwork when you like, no need to wait for upcoming auction dates.


+40.000 subscribers to our newsletters. We sold to over 90 countries so far.


As a seller, you remain anonymous until the point of sale.


We negotiate all aspects of the sale on your behalf.

The different ways to offer art for sale.

You will you will have a choice of options: sell publicly, privately, price on demand or ‘make an offer’
The artwork details and asking price will be published on Nolden/H Fine Art for everyone to see. Collectors will be able to purchase the artwork instantly at the listing price (recommended)
Collectors have to contact us to know the price of your artwork.
Collectors can make an offer on your artwork. Serious offers will be passed to you and you can decide to accept it or to make a counter-offer.
No one will be able to see the artwork image, title and price. Just the artist name and art-form (painting, print, sculpture, ..) Collectors will be able to inquire about it and we will decide if we provide them the info on your work.

How will you market my artwork(s)?

We promote our artworks in a number of ways. We manage large online advertising campaigns and we have a thriving email list of+ 40,000 subscribers of collectors and galleries worldwide. We do a newsletter weekly newsletter, in which we may include your artwork(s).

Is selling on Nolden/H Fine Art exclusive?

No, However, we ask you to not publish the artwork in another venue at a lower price.

What should I do if I sell a piece outside of Nolden/H Fine Art?

Please notify us immediately so that we are not misleading our buyers with pieces that are not available.

How long will my artwork be online?

We keep the work online until it is sold, unless you ask us to take it offline.

Who pays for shipping?

The buyer pays for shipping, handling and import duties.

How much does it cost to sale on Nolden/H Fine Art?

There are no joining or listing fees for selling on Nolden/H Fine Art – we make our profit between your net price and the final sales price of the artwork, which is 20% plus VAT.


Sales price: € 4.000,-, Wec an add or include 20% VAT to this price that the buyer has to pay. Nolden/H Fine Art has to pay this VAT to the French Tax Authorities. If we would include the VAT it would be an amount of € 666,67. The net price without VAT would be € 3.333,33.

Our provision in the case would be calculated the following way:

20% of € 3.333,33, which would be an amount of € 499,98. To this amount Nolden/H Fine Art has to add 20% VAT for the French Tax Authorities, which would be an amount of € 100,- So our total bill to you would be € 599.89.

We provide you with a short contract that includes all points that have been mentioned here.

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