Christo and Jeanne-Claude – Surrounded Islands

Christo Jeanne Claude - Surrounded Islands

Christo and Jeanne-Claude: “Surrounded Islands”, 1984, Offsetprint, handsigned, size: 84 x 64 cm. Price € 790,- Order here!

About this Work

On May 7, 1983, the installation of Surrounded Islands was completed in Biscayne Bay, between the city of Miami, North Miami, the Village of Miami Shores and Miami Beach. Eleven of the islands situated in the area of Bakers Haulover Cut, Broad Causeway, 79th Street Causeway, Julia Tuttle Causeway, and Venetian Causeway were surrounded with 6.5 million square feet (603,870 square meters) of floating pink woven polypropylene fabric covering the surface of the water and extending out 200 feet (61 meters) from each island into the bay. The fabric was sewn into 79 patterns to follow the contours of the 11 islands. For two weeks, Surrounded Islands, spreading over 7 miles (11.3 kilometers), was seen, approached and enjoyed by the public, from the causeways, the land, the water and the air. The luminous pink color of the shiny fabric was in harmony with the tropical vegetation of the uninhabited verdant islands, the light of the Miami sky and the colors of the shallow waters of Biscayne Bay.

About Christo und Jeanne-Claude

The work of the artist couple Christo (born 1935) and Jeanne-Claude (1935–2009) resists any kind of categorization. It is a hybrid of art, urban planning, architecture, and engineering, but above all an aesthetic uniquely their own: surreal and ethereal environmental interventions that have graced monuments, public parks, and centers of power alike. The couple who were born on the very same day, met in Paris, fell in love, and became a creative team like no other. Their work started in the 1950s right through to The Floating Piers installed at Lake Iseo, Italy, in 2016. The couple’s most famous environmental interventions, among others, have been Surrounded Islands, The Gates in New York’s Central Park and the Wrapped Reichstag in Berlin.

More Artwork by Christo und Jeanne-Claude


Christo und Jeanne-Claude: „Surrounded Islands III - Project Biscane Bay”, 2009, drucksigniert, Lithografie, Bildformat: 78 × 62 cm, Blattformat 100 × 70 cm.

Christo und Jeanne-Claude: „Surrounded Islands III – Project Biscane Bay”, 2009, signed in print, Lithograph, size picture: 78 × 62 cm, Sheet size: 100 × 70 cm. Price w/o frame € 650,-  Order here!


Christo and Jeanne-Claude- Surrounded Islands, 1980 - 83, 2009, 7-part leporello, digital pigment print (Ditone) on 260 g Hahnemühle Baryta paper, 32 x 175 cm, (12½ x 69 in). Edition: 75, signed and numbered.


Christo und Jeanne-Claude: ‘Surrounded Islands 1980 – 83’, 2009, 7-part leporello, digital pigment print (Ditone) on 260 g/m² Hahnemühle Baryta paper, size: 32 x 175 cm / 12½ x 69 in. Edition: 75, handsigned and numbered. Price € 2.200,- Order here!


Christo and Jeanne-Claude- Surrounded Islands, 1980 - 83, Vierfarbenoffset im Nass-in-Nass-Verfahren auf weißem Büttenkarton, durch Christo handsigniert, Gesamtauflage vom Künstler nicht benannt, Bildformat: 72,5 x 61,5 cm, Blattformat 100 x 69,5 cm.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude: ‘Surrounded Islands’, 1980 – 83, four-color offset in wet-on-wet method on white cardboard, handsigned by Christo, edition number not specified by the artist, size picture: 72,5 x 61,5 cm, size sheet: 100 x 69,5 cm. Price € 750,- Order here!