Christoph Schlingensief (German, 1960 – 2010): “klingers ostrich”, 2007, Color photo print on Canvas, edition of 40, signed and numberedm size: 53 x 39 cm, from the portfolio ‘Klinger im Sinn II’, Hrsg. published by Freundeskreis Max Klinger e.V., Leipzig, 2007. Price Upon Request

About the Artist

Christoph Schlingensief (1960-2010) was one of the most important artists in Germany, who has worked on the pulse of political, social and media developments. With his activities and projects, he has undermined conventionalized patterns of perception and blown conventional theatrical forms. Schlingensief’s work has to be placed in a larger art context, in the tradition of the avant-garde of the twentieth century, from the Dada movement to currents such as Fluxus, Happening, Aktionskunst to the overall art concept of Joseph Beuys. An important aspect is Schlingensief’s collaboration with Elfriede Jelinek.