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Awol Erizku (*1988) 'Girl with a Bamboo Earring', 2009, Digital chromogenic print, 65 x 50 inches Edition of 5

Awol Erizku: “Girl with a Bamboo Earring”, 2009, Digital chromogenic print, 165 x 127 cm, lim. Auflage 5 Exemplare, signiert, nummeriert. Preis auf Anfrage. Fordern Sie hier das komplette Exposé an. Exposé zu Künstler und Werk – klicken Sie hier! 

Biography Awol Erizku

Distressed by the lack of representation for people of color in art history and museums and galleries, Awol Erizku aims to rectify this omission in his photographs, sculptures, and video installations, which are centered upon subjects of color. In his words, “There are not that many colored people in the galleries that I went to [growing up] or the museums that I went to. I was just like, when I become an artist I have to put my two cents in this world.” He does this in a critically acclaimed series of photographic portraits, re-crafting famous painted portraits by artists like Vermeer and Caravaggio by replacing their white subjects with contemporary black ones. By re-staging these and other iconic works of art, Erizku engages in critical discourse with the past, cracking open the canon with historically repressed voices.

Under the guidance of such legends as David LaChapelle and Lorna Simpson, Erizku is one of the most succesful up and coming photographers in New York.  Fresh out of Cooper Union, Erizku was picked up immediately for a solo show at Hasted Krauler gallery and innundated with requests from commercial publications such as Vice, Maxim, Photographer’s Forum, and Whitewall. The past two years of Erizku’s recent success exist primarily within his studio, buried within the basement of a neighborhood flower shop in Soho. In this time, Erizku has created a meticulous photographic catalogue of his visitors. This stream of images, projected through his tumblr “Thank You Come Again,” synthesize into a fluid entity connected through Awol’s irresistable nuances. Out of all his work this is undoubtedly the most personal, an extension of his identity.

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